We invite individuals, youth groups... all willing volunteers to be part of this wonderful work that the Lord is accomplishing. As we build this ministry, remember the lives that will be touched for the many years to come!


  • House of Joy
    • Exterior roof cover for barbeque and back-up refrigerator
  • Land
    • Remove unstable trees
    • Improve roads
    • Clear fallen branches and brush from woods
  • Maintenance Barn
    • Build an overhang to protect door
  • Heavy Machinery
  •         ~ Repairs and maintenance
  • Redeemer Cabin
  •         ~ Build an overhang for front door and a deck cover for the rear of the building

 If you or your group would be interested in volunteering or donating to these projects, please contact us.


  • Pavilion to house a communal kitchen and picnic / gathering area
  • Additional cabins
  • Wooden play structure