Gifting Programs

Mountain Top Experience offers the following opportunities which allow churches, families and individuals to take advantage of the retreat center and the beautiful and peaceful mountain.



DONORS REWARD PROGRAM:  To increase the giving program and allow churches and organizations to enjoy usage of the MTE facility, a Donors Reward Program is available. If you are enrolled in this program, any donations you give will count as credit toward a future stay at MTE. Also, your credit is transferrable, so it can be designated towards the lodging of your friends or family. Redemption of the Donors Rewards Program will be based upon availability. All donations to MTE are tax deductable.



GIFT CERTIFICATES:  Churches and individuals may purchase gift certificates for church staff, families or individuals who need time to be refreshed and to spend time with the Lord.  Certificates are excellent gifts for church staff.  The certificates may be purchased and redeemed as the facilities are available.



WORK EXCHANGE PROGRAM:  MTE always has projects for those who are willing to help out.  Those participating in this program will be provided lodging, either in a cabin or in the House of Joy, depending on availability. A kitchen is available to prepare your own meals.  (Meals are not provided by the retreat center at this time).  Plan on working at least four hours per day for each person to earn a night's stay (this does not include young children). You can either stay the night after you complete the working hours, or you can save up your credit for another available date. These credits are transferable, so you have the option of giving them to family members or friends. MTE reserves the right to offer this program based upon available space and projects that need to be completed.




Please contact us if you are interested in any of the above offers.