Please read the terms and conditions below, and click on the link at the bottom of the page to register for lodging or day use.  Thank you!


Terms and Conditions


It is the rental party's responsibility to ensure that all participants are aware of the terms and conditions. Participants agree that all complaints will be brought to the attention of the Camp Representative.


Mountain Top Experience Family Retreat is a non-profit camp and rental fees help absorb the cost of operation. We rely on the help of volunteers and donations to keep our retreat operational.


Clean up: Renters agree to follow the clean up punch list prior to departure.


Food Service: Renters of the House of Joy may use the House of Joy kitchen or grill to prepare their own meals, and are required to clean up after each meal out of consideration for other occupants. The House of Joy kitchen has one refrigerator, one stove/oven, one microwave, two double sinks, a dishwasher, and a trash compactor; and there is also a gas grill on the deck. Dishware and cookware are provided.


As multiple renters may be staying at the camp at any given time, the Camp Representatives may need to work with you to make a kitchen-use schedule to ensure that all guests will be able to utilize the cooking facilities. Note: This does not apply to groups that have rented the House of Joy exclusively; these groups will have exclusive use of the House of Joy kitchen.


Mountain Top Experience can not be held liable for any food or other items that belong to the rental group.


Three fire rings are situated in the camp that may be used for cooking, but are subject to the rules as stated above in the "Fires" section of the Terms and Conditions.


Damage: Normal wear and tear through the use of the facilities is understandable, but the rental group assumes responsibility for any damages to facilities and equipment that are exceeding normal wear and tear. Damages caused by a member of a rental group over and above the deposit will be billed to the group involved. The rental group shall be responsible for such repairs.


Equipment: All equipment and fixtures should be used in the location in which they have been placed and cannot be moved without the Camp Representatives permission, and then shall be returned to their original place before the departure of the rental group.


Fires: Fires may only be built in established fire circles as authorized by the Camp Representative. Each group is responsible for monitoring and extinguishing all fires and will be held responsible if proper safety is not followed.The Camp Representative may prohibit the use of any fire should a fire hazard exist, such as a burn ban. Firewood is available upon request.


Indemnification: Mountain Top Experience Family Retreat is not liable for any injury to any camper or staff, or any other person, or to any personal property, occurring on Retreat property, unless such damage is solely the result of the negligence or unlawful act of the Retreat, its agents, or its employees. The rental group agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Mountain Top Experience Family Retreat for damages or injuries received by any person on account of the operation or use of Camp facilities or the conduct of any member of the rental group.


Lost Items: Mountain Top Experience Family Retreat cannot take any responsibility for lost items. Please keep all valuables in a safe place.


Medical: Rental groups will be responsible for first aid and dispensing of medications to individuals in their group. All medical expenses will be the responsibility of the group. Haywood County EMS will respond in the case of medical emergencies.


Ordinances and statues: The rental group shall comply with all local, state and federal statutes, regulations, and ordinances.


Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol: Mountain Top Experience is a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free facility. Although Scripture does not prohibit use of these products, their use is not permitted at MTE in order to encourage a safe, family-friendly environment. 


Hunting:All hunting is prohibited (We love our wildlife.). 


Other Restrictions: No firearms, fireworks, profane language, fighting or gambling.


Pets: No pets are permitted inside the House of Joy. Pets are permitted in other parts of the camp if they are restrained on a leash or in a kennel. A sanitation fee of $15 per night is required for pets kept in cabins.


Supervision: All youth under the age of 16 must be accompanied by adults on the ratio of at least 1 adult for every 8 youth.


Supplies:Janitorial supplies, sanitation paper products and products required for the operation of the automatic dishwasher will be provided. Dishware and cookware for the House of Joy kitchen, as well as, bath towels and washcloths are provided in the House of Joy. Pillows, sheets and blankets are provided for all the beds on MTE grounds but are not assured for those using the lofts (you can check with the camp representative). Those sleeping in the lofts may need to bring their own bedding. Campers who use the bath house need to bring their own bath towels and washcloths.


Contract Cancellation: Mountain Top Experience reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time should an unhealthy or unsafe situation be discovered. Mountain Top Experience's liability for such cancellation will be limited to return of deposit.


Our hopes for your group are that you will have a
safe, happy and blessed event!